Some people claim they love it


The Psycho Luv series



A gentle but hardworking bee


Some common sense?


Sarah Palin al la Picasso

(Don't remember her? You're lucky.)




Porn and pastors


Myths about abortion


The Evangelical fervor for nakedly un-Christian politics,

or how to tell when people aren't really serious about their religion.







Do the super religious need a special kind of marriage?








It actually happens



Breast fetishism — maybe more than you could imagine,     or would ever want to read



Sizzling science











They may have their revenge yet



An astronomer speculates about our exploration of space — if we survive into the next century



Scientists actually, if not working on it, dreaming about it



Why do they do it? — the ones who actually blow themselves (and others) up, that is



This one got picked up on the cover of a biker mag. My idea was the bear and bull having a scuffle (with the bear getting the best of it, hence the brooding bear market background), but the biker editor saw it as things getting a bit more intimate.



I won an online Photoshop contest with this cynical entry.



What are they teaching at the Air Force Academy?



Take your pick.






Old-fashioned pencil and paper stuff


"Religious Fervor" and "The Bible Humper"


"Doing It For The Virgins" and "Stronger Than Her Bonds"



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